Ohakune is in close proximity to many exception rides. Two of these rides are included in Nga Haerenga – The New Zealand Cycle Trail Network, The Mountains to Sea – Nga Ara Tuhono and The Timber Trail. The Powderhorn can assist with the planning of all rides in the Ruapehu region.

The varying grades of the available rides create a fortunate point of difference from other cycle areas throughout New Zealand. The Old Coach Road is a fantastic trail for all fitness levels and the entire family whereas portions of Mountains to Sea – Nga Ara Tuhono trail requires a heightened level of fitness to complete safely. The majority of the trails/rides are not “loops” therefore a certain degree of logistical planning will be required to ensure you have an enjoyable trip and do not get caught isolated and unprepared.

The Old Coach Road

A 15 kilometre biking/walking trail at the base of Mt Ruapehu passing through Tongariro National Park. Formerly a road-way for horse and coach, this easy gradient trail has been restored for walkers and biking enthusiasts. The Ohakune Old Coach Road links a number of fascinating pieces of New Zealand’s rail heritage such as the Hapuawhenua Viaduct, in a journey through a spectacular part of Tongariro National Park.

Ohakune Mountain Road

A 16.5km downhill ride from the top of Mountain Road through one of New Zealand’s most spectacular roads, taking you through the Tongariro National Park and UNESCO World Heritage areas. You’ll have the option of stopping off on the way down and walking the Waitonga Falls track, (1 hour and 20 minutes) the biggest waterfall in the National Park.

Mountain to Sea

The New Zealand Cycle Trail Network, Nga Haerenga is made up of nineteen trails nation wide. The Mountains to Sea trail begins on Mt Ruapehu, is a 1600 descent, which takes three days to complete in its entirety. The Mountain to Seas trail travels through The Tongariro National Park and Whanganui National Park and ends at the Tasman Sea in Whanganui. The ride is made up with trail and road sections and also includes a 31km jet boat ride (this must to organised before you begin your cycle). The Mountain to Seas Trail – Nga Ara Tuhono includes popular trails, The Ohakune Old Coach Road, Fishers Track and the Mangapurua – Bridge to Nowhere Track.

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The Mangapurua / Bridge to Nowhere Track

A 35km track riding through one of the most remote and beautiful landscapes on the North Island this is one of the best trails in the area. We can arrange for you be transported from Ohakune to the beautiful Ruatiti Valley to the beginning of the Mangapurua Track. A 35km track riding through one of the most remote and beautiful landscapes on the North Island this is one of the best trails in the area. Starting from Ruatiti, you climb the first 5km, followed by 5km of riding along the ridgeline up to the Mangapurua trig, where you will experience stunning views of Whanganui National Park. From here it’s an easy downhill ride to the famous Bridge to Nowhere – gateway to the “Valley of abandoned dreams”. You will be collected by Jet Boat at the Mangapurua Landing and escorted down the Whanganui River to Pipiriki. Please note: Jet Boat transfers must be arranged in advance.

Planning your trip:

What you need to bring: Gear List


1. Never under estimate the level of preparation required to enjoy the trails safely.
2. Check the weather forecast.
3. Obey all signage. It is there for your safety.
4. Ensure someone knows where you are going and what time to expect you back. If a transport operator is not required for your chosen venture inform family, friends or the Department of Conservation office or a local operator of your intentions.
5. The Mangapurua/Bridge to Nowhere Trail is out of cell phone coverage. It is advisable that each party carries some form of communication or emergency device such as a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) or SPOT Messenger. These can
be hired.

Additional equipment, information and useful links

TCB Ski Board and Bike has a range of bikes available. TCB is also a fully equipped service centre that will ensure your bike is in top shape before heading out onto the trails.

Dempseys Buses are a specialist transport operator providing transport to the Horopito starting point of The Old Coach Road. They are also able to provide transport to the start of the Mangapurua Trail and from Pipiriki to Ohakune. Please note: A jet boat ride is required for the Mangapurua Trail. This MUST be arranged prior to departure.

The Bridge to Nowhere Lodge and Jet Boat Tours are a reputable Jet Boat operator providing river transport to the Mountain to Seas Trail from The Bridge to Nowhere to Pipiriki.

Mountain Bike Station provides bike hire and transport.

Department of Conservation track description and conditions.

Visit Ruapehu – Regional Tourism Organisation
Trail Maps and Publications are available here (scroll to the bottom of the page)

The Mountain to Seas Official Website

The Mountain Bikers Code: plan and prepare.

Northern Trails

Fishers Track

Starting in National Park, Fishers Track is an easy ride requiring minimal fitness levels. After a short climb the track then winds through native bush and farmland. The trail is 17km long with a 520m descent.

42 Traverse

The 42 Traverse is well established as one of New Zealand’s premier rides. The track is known for the testing downhill sections and impending climbs. The trail includes old logging tracks, native bush and views of the volcanoes of The Tongariro National Park. The track is 46km, starting 6km off SH49 through to Owhango. The trail includes stream crossings that should not be attempted after heavy rain.

The Timber Trail

The Timber Trail is a 44km, 2 day ride between Ongarue and Piropiro Flats. The highlights of the Timber Trial are the eight large suspension bridges along the trail and the historic Ongarue Spiral. The trail follows historic bush tramways and is of a grade that can be enjoyed by families and riders of varying fitness levels.

To add one of the available rides to your itinerary, for further questions or any specific requests please contact our Reception team here.