Environmental Policy

At The Powderhorn we recognise the importance of our environment and our community. We understand that the well being of our natural surroundings affects the well-being of our business, our staff, our community and our guests. We are aware of the impact our actions and activities potentially have and therefore will continue to engage with, encourage and research new initiatives to assist in the operation of an environmentally and ethically responsible business. We intend these actions to aid the long-term preservation of our environment and consequently tourism and prosperity in the Ruapehu region.

Initiatives we take to reduce our environmental impact:

Food & beverage environmental stance:

At The Powderkeg and Matterhorn restaurant’s we respect great produce as well as our environment. That is why we try our best to:

• Use sustainable, organic and free range produce when we can in our menu planning while still providing affordable food for our customers
• Source products from local suppliers where possible, reducing our ‘food miles’ and minimising pollution from transportation and of course to support local business
• Grow a small amount of chemical-free, fresh seasonal ingredients ourselves in our pollution free kitchen garden

Energy Initiatives:

•Energy efficient light bulbs are used in 75% of the hotel and hotel rooms are key tag operated power; energy demand is reduced with key tags activated room lights
• Switching off lights; all non-essential lights are switched off when not in use or after close e.g. office, exterior, 3rd level when possible, kitchens, cloakroom, pool.
• Till computers are reduced in the low season and only operated when required.
• Energy consumption info; guests are encouraged through room information to switch off appliances and reuse towels/linen on voluntary basis.
• Room servicing; guest have the ability to decline room servicing.
• Reduced linen use; multi night stays have linen changed on a 3 day cycle reducing water and energy consumption.
• Appliances – new hotel appliances are chosen based on efficiency vs. performance.
• Pool cover stays on until pool is required effecting energy consumption.

Waste and Pollutant Reduction Initiatives:

• All glass, plastic, aluminum/tin and paper/cardboard is recycled.
• Used oil is taken from site to be converted for bio-fuel.
• Food scraps are taken for pig feed and composting by staff.
• Bio fiber take away food packaging is used.
• All products are sourced from local suppliers where possible.
• Organic and ethical meats and seafood products are preferred and used where ever possible.
• Use Ecotect bio degradable non-toxic cleaning products – a company recognised for their ethics in sustainability and community.

• Waste paper is recycled, shredded and recycled or reused as much as possible as scrap/note paper and composted.
• Recycling ink/printer cartridges.
• Paper use is reduced with the introduction of emailed invoicing.
• Daily reports are generated digitally and stored electronically only.
• Double sided printing capabilities have been set up.
• We use paper from an environmentally ethical company.
• Down sized out office forms to reduce paper consumption.

• Room information encourages guests to set recyclables next to the rubbish bin for house keeping to separate.
• Where possible bin liners are emptied and reused.
• Hotel Newspapers and Sky Watches are recycled.
• Curtains are pulled when rooms are not in use to reduce sun damage and wear on furnishings and extend their usable hotel life.
• We use reusable clothes for all cleaning.
• Old towels and linens are recycled into cleaning cloths.
• Use Ecotect bio degradable non-toxic cleaning products – a company recognised for their ethics in sustainability and community.

Water Conservation Initiatives:

• Dual flush toilets – all toilets in the hotel and restaurants have a dual flush system.
• Reduced linen use; multi night stays have linen changed on a 3 day cycle reducing water and energy consumption.
• Re-use towel option; stay over guests are given a re-use towel option which reduced laundry.

Conservation and Community

The Powderhorn Chateau is proud of the environment and community in which we exist. Our owners and members of our staff actively donate their time and personal resources to a number of community groups and projects. Our immediate surroundings of the Mangawhero Walkway & Terrace, Old Coach Road, Thames Street development and beyond are the direct result of our Directors’ passion for our community and generosity.

The Powderhorn Chateau is involved in community events including the organisation and execution of the Annual Peak to Powderkeg Event. We are proud to provide sponsorship to non-profit community groups in the form providing venues free of charge and offering gift vouchers.

Can you help? If you have a suggestion on how we are able to improve our environmental footprint, please email us with the information of the initiative.